We specialize in using the best of Open Source Software to solve complex business problems. Open Source Software (aka FOSS) is better technology, more reliable, better supported, and the backbone of the Internet.

Support is provided by the international community - in fact, we specialize in OpenSuSE - the Linux version that is better known internationally than in the US. Ask us why we feel it is the best distribution to use!

On all platforms (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix), Open Source software is the way to use a system properly - less risk of viral payloads, flexibility not found with commercial software, and, most importantly, better support from the Community as well as the legal ability to customize the software for specific requirements..

As Integrators, we develop and install custom infrastructure and applications, including core services such as file serving, reliable storage with RAID arrays of disks, offsite Disaster Recovery, scalable technology such as compute culsters, as well as many different Cloud solutions

Our technical expertise that goes above and beyond the resources typically found in an organization, and we would certainly appreciate any comments or requests, .. let us know! .

Open Tech Support Request

Almost all of the cell service providers in the current market subsidize the cost of phones with long-term contracts. We partner with a Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile Service provider called Ting that provides the lowest cost service on the best networks! Check them out for more information - as a reward, there is a $25 credit for signing up!

Did you know that SQL Server can run on Linux? SQL Server is Free, .. Linux is Free, .. more capble, more robust, more reliable, simpler to administer!

We can also replace many expensive Windows Applications with robust, production-ready, Open Source options. Contact us for a complementry evaluation.

We can also provided dedicated, low cost, appliances with Raspberry Pi and Raspbian Linux!.


Contact us for a complementry evaluation on any of these technologies.

Raspberry Pi 3
We support Linux (SuSE & Debian) for projects, as well as BSD and CentOS.

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